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Pricing Guide

Effective 11 July, 2023

Time of Support

Cost to Participant

Weekday Daytime (6am-8pm)


Weekday Evening (8pm-12pm)


Weekday Night (12am-6am)


Saturday (All Day)


Sunday (All Day)


Public Holiday (All Day)


Night-Time Sleepover (8 Hour Block)


Transport per Kilometre


Support Coordination Level 2 - Coordination


Support Coordination Level 3 - Specialist


*Meet and greets and shadow shifts up to 2hrs are FREE to all participants.
*Any weekday shift ending after 8pm will be charged at the evening rate for the whole shift in accordance with the SCHADS industry award.

Please note that while we have set out the above prices in the pricing schedule, we are flexible and can make special pricing arrangements in particular circumstances. Interested in our support services but have a question about our prices? Please Contact Us at any time.

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