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Advocacy Statement

Support Your Way will always support the rights of people with disability to appoint an advocate to assist with seeking support for their needs.
If required, Support Your Way will help to facilitate the appointment of the advocate.
Find out more abut the role of an Advocate by reading below.

Role of an Advocate

An advocate can be involved in assisting a person seeking support in different ways, including:

  • Ensuring the person’s rights are being upheld;

  • Accessing information about the person seeking support from Support Your Way;

  • Attending meetings or discussions, which may impact on the service being received;

  • Assisting with making a complaint about the services provided by Support Your Way.

What happens if someone requests an Advocate?

Support Your Way will reinforce that we support the use of an advocate.


We will provide timely information so people seeking support can make informed decisions about appointing an advocate. We'll then record the details of the appointed advocate on the user’s file and, if required, we can provide information on recognised advocacy agencies.

If initial contact and registration is made by the advocate, Support Your Way will seek confirmation of the advocacy’s appointment from the person seeking support to ensure that there is no breach of privacy.

Privacy in regard to advocates

While an advocate will be acting on behalf of a person seeking support, they must respect and protect the person's privacy at all times. Advocates must not share or disclose any personal information without the consent of the person they are supporting.

Finding an Advocate

Here is a list of advocacy services  that service all of Australia:

Australia wide


For more information about advocacy,
please contact Luke David


Phone: 0419 998 608

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