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Immersion Therapy is changing the lives of NDIS participants!

By Abbey Dennis

Imagine having zero gravity, floating under the water and being able to move your body in ways you never thought possible. Immersion therapy is just that!

Immersion therapy is a multi-award winning innovation created by Determined2 that offers freedom of movement within the weightless underwater environment using carefully modified SCUBA equipment.

So, what exactly is Immersion Therapy?

Immersion Therapy is an innovative service that expands on traditional hydrotherapy by accessing the underwater environment using scuba equipment. Being underwater reduces the effect of gravity to increase physical mobility and provides an altered sensory experience. The service is delivered in an inclusive setting that is fun and socially engaging. Three core categories are implemented in each session;

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Social Health

You can choose to focus on all three goals in a session, or float between 1 or 2 goals.

Photo of participant doing immersion therapy

Here is an example of a participant with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Due to her condition she has reduced range of motion on her left side. Below you can see the difference in range of motion before the session, during the session, and afterwards.This is a common outcome within Immersion Therapy and participants often report having a greater range of motion immediately after their session.

1: Before session, 2: In-water unaided, 3: In-water aided, 4: In-water unaided (end of session),

Here are some photos of some participants living on the autism spectrum partaking in non-verbal games underwater.

Who is able to do Immersion Therapy?

So long as you are 10 years or older, you could have the chance to feel the benefits of Immersion Therapy! Just like Support Your Way, Determined2 is a disability-led organisation that understands people are individuals and experts in their own lives meaning sessions are co-designed to suit an individuals own preferences and goals. Determined2 believes that everyone deserves the right to benefit from Immersion Therapy!

Is Immersion Therapy funded by NDIS?

Absolutely! Contact the team at for more information on how to get your sessions started and funded under NDIS.

  • Determined2 is a NDIS registered allied health provider and provides services under Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living. Immersion Therapy does not need to be approved or stated in your NDIS plan for you to access it.

Here is a first hand review of Immersion Therapy from Support Your Way’s very own IT Extraordinaire; Travis.

“'I really enjoy the sense of freedom being in the water provides. The peace and tranquility under the water is unlike anything else I've ever experienced.

The D2 staff are very kind and friendly, and aim to make sure that their services meet the individual needs of their participants. I highly recommend this service to anyone interested”

Where is immersion therapy offered?

Adelaide Aquatic Centre

Jeffcott St, North Adelaide, SA

Monday to Friday 10am-3pm

Also, Determined2 is in the process of investigating a Melbourne based center. How exciting is this!!!

Register your interest today by contacting Support Your Way or call Determined2 directly to be put on a waitlist : 0417 932 466.

A massive thank you to Pete from Determined2 for helping me with writing this article.

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