About Support Your Way

Support Your Way is an individualised disability support provider that helps people with disability find social groups, hire and manage support workers they choose and want. 

We are a registered NDIS provider, providing disability services across Victoria and South Australia.



OUR story

Our mission is to provide disability support services in the least intrusive way possible to allow users to best determine their own path. We want to present a set of choices that encompasses activities and events that are suitable to any goal or desire.

We will help promote diversity in our organisation and with those who use our services. This will include interacting with culturally diverse groups and individuals as well as respect for all cultures or beliefs.

Care is at the heart of our providing our disability support services. We pledge to help people maintain, fortify or develop their own personal identities in whatever way they choose. We will provide a safe space for them to communicate their identities and to feel heard and respected without the fear of bullying, discrimination or neglect.


​We are driven by 5 core values:

  • Trust: We want to foster an environment of trust by being open and honest with all during all stages of service delivery.

  • Self-determination: We want to make sure everyone gets to maintain their right to choose for themselves.

  • Reliability: We aim to deliver a culture of reliability and organisational responsibility to ensure that all people feel they are receiving services that match or exceed their expectations.

  • Equality: Equality remains at the forefront of our decision making and at no point will one person be advantaged/disadvantaged compared to others.

  • Dignity: All people should feel that their dignity is respected by our organisation in any way possible.

Support Your Way (SYW) was created in 2016 by Luke David and Reece Miller. Luke and Reece began Support Your Way while balancing commitments in university, determined to start an organisation that catered to the individual needs of people with disability.


With the goal of recruiting quality support workers for people that self manage or plan manage their NDIS plans or the previous DHHS individual support packages, Support Your Way has served the community for almost half a decade, and continues to expand as one of Victoria and South Australia's most trusted disability services provider.

From even its early days, Luke and Reece saw that SYW needed to be different than the stock standard disability support service that most participants were used to dealing with. They wanted to make sure that every person with a disability had an experience that was unique to their own needs. While listening to the participants needs, they aimed to provide reliable and compatible support workers with participants. 

In 2018 with the support of Anthony Miller, SYW then became an NDIS and DHHS registered service provider and remain dedicated to providing the same flexible and compatible support to NDIA-managed participants. 

Our Locations

We provide disability services in Victoria and South Australia. The Support Your Way team is constantly expanding and reaching new people and communities. If you live in these areas and would like to access our disability services, please don't hesitate to contact us.