Wheelchair / powerchair sports

                              Support Your Way is passionate about inclusion and engaging the whole community to bring accessible sports and social activities to people with disability and those without. Our programs will suit those who enjoy social sport, a place to meet friends and learn new skills, and those who wish to play at a competitive level.

To enquire about joining our powerchair sports programs, please email info@supportyourway.com.au!




Powerchair Football

4v4 (Summer Program)

Powerchair Football is a modified version of football/soccer for powerchair users. It is played in a gymnasium on a regulation basketball court with a ball that is 1.5x the size of a traditional ball. There are two teams of four players (including the goal keeper). Players dribble and hit the ball around the court with a specially designed bull-bar that is mounted onto the front of their powerchair. It is a fast-paced and dynamic sport for spectators and players alike.


Powerchair Hockey

5v5 (Winter Program)

Powerchair Hockey is a modified version of floorball for powerchair users. The sport is played on an indoor basketball court and there are two teams of five players. A barrier surrounds the court which allows players to rebound the ball.
A light-weight plastic ball is used during play. Players with very limited range and movement can tape a plastic T-shaped stick to the front of their powerchair to hit the ball. Other athletes may use a light-weight floorball stick.