GAMERs Group

A community of people with disabilities, support workers, friends, family and more broadly, people who love games and everything related.

Our gamers group uses the power of gaming to connect people with other like-minded individuals. Our aim isn't just playing games but to help foster growth among our members. Gaming can help build confidence, resilience and communication skills all while doing the thing you love most! We celebrate the gaming community, from eSports to boardgames, roleplaying to puzzles. This is a community that provides an inclusive and accessible environment for anyone to join. 

What does our gamers group cover?​

  • Personal growth through gaming

  • Skill development

  • eSports 

  • Peer-mentoring​

Why you should get involved with our gamers group?

  • Meet people that share similar interests to you

  • Build confidence

  • Improve your ability to collaborate and solve problems with others

  • Improve your social communication skills

  • Build on your strengths and interests

Our gamers group currently operates online through Facebook and Discord and at our Bundoora office!



Luke is an avid gamer and has been since a very young age. He loves connecting with other gamers and has a keen interest on eSports and content creation via Luke has plenty of experience in youth work, facilitating NDIS and Goal Setting workshops for young people with disabilities.