Support Worker Rewards Scheme


Who: Employees will opt in and it is offered to all employees

When: 21st of September 2020 will be the first day and it will run for a month to the 21st of Oct 2020.

Where: All sites will be offered a chance to participate.

What: $1000 will be the total amount of the pilot and employees will get shares based on that. Will double if we get over 40 participants.

How: Get shares of the money by doing things that contribute to good quality and pride in your work. At the end of the month you will have your share of the amount paid out in wages on your payslip.


We are testing out a support worker reward scheme to decide whether it will promote a quality, engagement and safety for participants. We want to reward support workers delivering high quality and personal services for participants.

We are trying to shift our focus away from management, compliance, and admin staff and back to the core mission and goals of Support Your Way to reward support workers with higher than average wages and participants with better services.

If we can effectively run this program and it has a good response from support workers and participants then we will be allocating 5-10% of profits for the Support Worker Reward Program. 

Here are links to the new forms for Support Workers to submit as part of the Rewards Scheme:

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