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Making an Appointment or Referral

Our team is ready to assist with getting services started as quickly as you need.

The first point of contact can be via a phone call or email. If we are the right fit for you or your participant, you can complete the following forms below which will help us identify and connect you with suitable support workers. 


If you're a Support Coordinator / Service Provider

  1. Please complete a Referral Form, this will provide us with enough information to determine if we have the capacity to fulfil the support requirements. Our team will contact you regarding the referral form within 24 hours

If you're a Participant / Family Member / Friend

  1. Please complete a Participant Intake & Support Plan, this form will provide us with the necessary information to onboard you or the participant you are completing it for. This support plan will be viewed by support staff and ensure they have all the required information to provide the best care possible.

If you would like assistance filling out any of these forms, please contact Luke David at or on 0424 160 174.