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Saturday Social Group

Got an idea for a group or program?

Our Saturday social groups are tailored for everyone with activities to match most people's interests, abilities and NDIS budget. These groups aim to develop people's decision making, group cooperation and social skills and are set up to be as user led as possible. These are developing a community of people that really love catching up on a Saturday and doing various activities.

Our centre based group is for those people that like slower paced social activities without the need to brave the elements too much. Participants meet fortnightly on Saturday from 10:00am - 2:30pm. They generally enjoy a range of activities that range from games, arts and crafts, baking, puzzles, indoor sports and many different things. The centre is in Epping North and has cooking facilities onsite or a cafe next door if participants want to treat themselves. 

Our outdoor activity group are for those higher energy people that love getting out and doing different activities. This runs on an alternating Saturday to the centre based grouped and is generally between 10:00am - 2:30pm. Some of the fun activities they have been up to in the community are bowling, movies, watching the footy and checking out other tourist and activity attractions. 

Are you interested in joining? Get in contact with us via info@supportyourway.com.au

Get in touch with us and pitch your idea. If your idea takes off, we will pay you to run it!

Please remember that the groups need to benefit people in some way. Some examples of benefits that align with our beliefs here are:


  • Establishing and finding a person's identity

  • Getting healthy and fit through exercise 

  • Developing your current skills and strengths

  • Raising community awareness and decreasing social stereotyping around people with disabilities

  • Integrating into community and social groups

  • Building a person's capacity to better handle their future dealings with the NDIS 

Don't be discouraged by this though, feel free to let us know whatever you're thinking!

Contact us at info@supportyourway.com.au