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Fresh new look, same high quality disability support services - with exciting additions…

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Welcome to the all-new Support Your Way! As you can see, we’re back with a fresh and colourful look, but still delivering the same high quality disability support services - with a few new and exciting improvements.

You may have a few questions for us, which we hope have been answered through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and send us a message.

As a welcome to Support Your Way, we hope this blog post will get you acquainted with who we are, what’s changed, what has remained the same, and where you can find us on social media.


People with disability in electric wheelchairs laughing and smiling.

Support Your Way is a NDIS-approved disability support provider with an aim to focus on the individual. We want to cater to you - your needs and wants, the activities you enjoy, and the people you connect with.

At Support Your Way, we sensed that something was missing in the disability space - so we moved quickly to fill that void. As stated in our mission statement, we exist to provide high quality disability support services that recognise the unique individuality of us all. We’re committed to providing services that empower choice, diversity and individuality.

We provide services such as:

  • Help around the house: Cleaning, washing, cooking and other tasks around your home.

  • Personal care: Showering, toileting and mealtime assistance at home or in the community.

  • Education and employment: Coaching/mentoring to help you achieve your goals at school, college or work.

  • In-home care: Morning and evening routines, medical prompts, and meal preparation.

  • Community access: Get out, take a class, exercise, volunteer or go to gatherings.

  • Transport: Get from A to B, using a support worker's car, your car or public transport.

  • Group & Social Activities: Connect with your community, follow your passions and do the activities that you enjoy.

Support worker providing assistance to a Support Your Way participant. Woman in powerchair.

In addition to these services, we’re also now in the process of launching the exciting new Groupa app - which you can download here.

The dynamic new app now allows members to post activities they’re interested in, connect with supporters and friends, and maintain those connections to create meaningful, lasting friendships.

We're currently in the final stages of testing before fully launching the app, so watch this space.

You can find out more about the app below!


Colourful, Groupa app screenshot. Disability support app.

So what’s the deal with the app?

With the app, you’re able to find, connect and interact with people who share the same interests as you! Our app is a community-focused, forward-thinking disability support services app that injects personality and creativity through an integrated digital platform.

Designed to recognise our innate individuality - the app offers a seamless environment for people with disability, as well as facilitators and supporters, to find each other.

The app does provide case management and compliance, but also offers a unique platform and social networking environment for the community where the disability community are able to network and socialise.

In short, we’re redefining what constitutes a support activity.

Are you a participant? Here are some of the new benefits of using the app:

  • Find activities you love: The app connects you with a marketplace of activities so you can do what you love. Take control and create your own group activities.

  • Create a shift: Create a shift and connect with supporters of your choice.

  • Daily planner: Track your activities so you never miss out.

  • Information Storage: Store your NDIS Plan Information and your support plan in one easy-to-use digital platform.

  • Unique, personalised profiles: Your profile will reflect your individual interests and favourite activities.

  • Connect with Community: Find and interact with Supporters that suit you, as well as other members of the disability community.

Support Your Way is an NDIS-approved disability support services provider based in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Are you a supporter? You can look forward to these benefits:

  • Find work seamlessly: You can register your account, upload your CV, and sign in - it’s that easy.

  • Find Support shifts: Engage in support work by answering support shift requests from participants.

  • Create your own shift: Create a shift yourself and let the community know that you’re open to supporting participants.

  • Daily Planner: Your daily planner will organise your shifts and activities in an easy-to-read calendar.

  • Connect with Community: Find and interact with participants and other members of the community.

Are you a facilitator? Facilitators are also able to organise group activities!

Download the app here. Need help navigating the app? Check out our helpful video tutorial guides for a step-by-step guide on how to use the Support Your Way app.


Support Your Way member in electric wheelchair, smiling laughing. Support Your Way is an NDIS-approved disability support services provider based in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Our high-quality disability support services and commitment to embracing the individuality and uniqueness within the community will always remain the same.

We will continue to provide the same, well-loved support services that we’ve always offered.

Interested in enquiring about our support services? Contact us here.


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