Spendable 30-Day Trial

SpendAble has been adopted by Support Your Way to empower your financial safety, security, and skill development.

SpendAble is the world’s first debit card designed to meet the payment needs of people with disability and elderly people. SpendAble’s smart payments technology automates the budgeting & numeracy of payments, and replaces it with a consistent, process-focused approach to promote financial safety, inclusion, and skill development. Want to learn more about SpendAble? Visit their website:

Why are we adopting SpendAble?

  • Provide a safer, more secure way for your support to make payments on behalf of participants.

  • Improve transparency on how your funds are being spent

  • Deliver a platform specifically designed to improve financial skills and community access.

What are SpendAble’s benefits to you?

  • Ensure your money is spent how it should be

  • Increase independence and financial safety

  • Never hand out cash or your own card again

  • No-numeracy spending process

  • One platform to connect every support worker

  • Smart and automated budgets

What do you need to do?

There are numerous benefits that SpendAble provides to participants, so we encourage you to sign up to SpendAble for a 30-day free trial. SpendAble’s assistive technology is fully claimable through your NDIS plans.

SYW Participant Offer

  • Connect with your SYW support workers on SpendAble

  • Receive rewards and cash-back when you complete a 30-day trial of SpendAble.

  • Receive $50 for referring another NDIS participant to SpendAble. They’ll get $50 too!

What does SpendAble cost?

  • SpendAble is 100% claimable through your NDIS plan, costing $45 p/m*

  • *Paid upfront, yearly.

  • Includes unlimited number of connected support workers

SpendAble is committed to pioneering smart payments for people with disability and elderly people. If you would like our team at Support Your Way to assist with understanding how SpendAble works or how it can benefit you, please fill out this form and one of our team members will be in touch!


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