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Please note that while the Groupa app is available to download, we're still in the late stages of testing - which means the app is not in its final version just yet. Please be patient with us, and stay tuned for this exciting platform!

Our new Groupa app has a wide range of features to help with accessibility and connecting Participants to Support Workers. Browse through the slides and videos below to learn more!

For Participants

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Learn about some of the key features of the Groupa app.

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Video Tutorials
For Participants


Why should I sign up as a Participant on the Groupa app?


Support Your Way participants will be able to immerse themselves in a digital platform, Groupa, that allows them to conquer new experiences and create support teams suited to their individual needs.

Here are some of the reasons why signing up as a Participant could benefit you! 

Find activities you love


Groupa connects you with a marketplace of activities so you can do what you love. Take control and create your own group activities.


Create shifts with supporters you choose


Create a shift and connect with support workers of your choice.


Stay on top of your schedule


Track all of your activities so you never miss out by using your daily planner.


Store information seamlessly


Store your NDIS Plan information and your support plan in one easy-to-use digital platform.

Your own, unique, personalised profile


Your profile will reflect your individual interests and favourite activities. Love bowling? Include it in your profile. Play golf? Include it!

Connect with the community


Find and interact with Supporters that suit you, as well as other members of the disability community. Create your own support team.

Competitive Pricing


Participants will be able to enjoy all of Groupa’s Key Features, while taking advantage of its high-value competitive pricing. Take a look at our Pricing Guide for more information.

For Support wORKERS

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Discover our supporter features

Learn about some of the key features in this slideshow!

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Video Tutorials For Support Workers

Why should I sign up as a Support Worker?

Here are some of the reasons why signing up as a Support Worker could benefit you.

Share your interests with others

Imagine enjoying your hobbies and also generating income while doing them! With Support Your Way, it is easy to connect with and provide support work with people that have a disability who share similar interests to you.

Are you a photography buff? Great! Take a group of people out on a photography tour of the city. Love basketball? Run a weekly accessible basketball game!


Not just for individuals

Support Your Way isn’t just for individuals. Community groups, businesses and other organisations can also run activities through the Groupa platform, while accessing government funding to add to your fundraising activities.


Maximum flexibility

Our Groupa app provides maximum flexibility by enabling supporters to choose when and how they want to work with people.


Find work seamlessly


You can register your account, upload your profile information, and sign in - it’s that easy.


Engage in support work by answering support shift requests from participants.


You can also create your own shift and let the community know that you’re open to supporting participants!


Daily Planner


Your Daily Planner is one of many Key Features in our Groupa app. The Planner will organise your shifts and activities in an easy-to-read calendar.


Fair rates for all - our pay rates


We provide the best rates possible for our Support Workers.